Headshot from Family PortraitEveryone has a story and at times in life, people need to share that story and have someone listen.  As a therapist, I am honored to be that person for my clients.

Here’s a little of my story I’d like to share with you!  I’m 58 years old (wow! when did that occur?)  I love my life “most” of the time! I have not always appreciated my life as much as I do today.  I am much better at living in the present and not getting caught up in what is coming next week or next month.  I am grateful for that – that I have found tools to help me stay present and enjoy my today!  As a therapist, it is a gift to share these tools with others so that they may feel more fulfilled in their lives too.

I am married…have been for 38 years!  My husband, Pat, and I met while I was a in High School.  We married young and have had a rich life (filled with life’s ups and downs).  We certainly are not the 20 year olds that said “I do” so many years ago, but we are still one another’s best friend and biggest cheerleader in life.

I am a mother of three grown children.  I have two sons that have children of their own.  They are loving, great fathers. My daughter-in-law is a natural mother and cook and I feel blessed that she has been in my life for more than a decade now! My daughter (who greatly enriches my life), is the youngest of my three children.  She is married and her husband is such a wonderful addition to our family. I am proud of all of my children, the lives that they lead, and the adults that they have become. I am the grandmother of six!  My grandchildren are my light and my delight!  They make me laugh like there is no tomorrow!!

My personal journey has been fun and filled with life-long learning.  I began college at the age of thirty.  I worked hard for my education and have always appreciated the work that I do.  I have a private counseling practice in Downtown St. Louis.  In addition, I am seeking a new part time opportunity in which I can apply my wealth of expertise and extensive experience providing counseling in preschool, grade school, in-home/division of family services, wellness and professional/corporate environments. I want to help individuals or teams use natural tools to have more productive, joyful work and life experiences.

New adventures and learning are always on my radar.  A few years ago I challenged myself to ride 75 miles in Pedal The Cause (which raised funds for Cancer research for Barnes Hospital).  At age 50 I finally took the piano lessons that I had talked about since my daughter was a little girl!  This summer after vacationing with family, I stayed on in Florida solo, drove to visit a cousin in New Orleans and then road-tripped home.  What learning and fun that experience held for me!  I enjoy walking, exploring and living downtown, doing yoga, bike-riding, cooking, and hanging out with family and friends.

Breathing “consciously” has become a passion both personally and professionally in my life! I’ve learned through training and a personal practice that our breath has the power to greatly improve physical and emotional ailments (improving blood circulation, lowering blood pressure, anxiety-busting, relaxing, and on and on) and increase an over-all sense of happiness with life, as it is, in this moment.  About six years ago I decided to train in conscious, healthy breathing for my business as a counselor. Throughout my years as a counselor I worked with young children (all the way to adults) and saw the importance of slowing down with breath to make wise choices, to feel in control and to have a sense of peace. Through training and “breathing” certification as a coach,  I better understand the researched physical and emotional benefits of having a regular breathing practice.  My greatest learning has come from my personal breathing practice over the last five years.  Because of the power that conscious breathing has had in my own life, I feel compelled and excited to work with others in learning this life-enhancing tool!