Mary Demonstrates Breathwork & Its Benefits on Show Me St. Louis

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Mary Hughes and her Breathwork Workshop participants demonstrate the breathing technique that relieves stress and anxiety and increases physical and emotional health. Participants share how the practice has improved their quality of life, decreased chronic migraine pain and given them time to slow down and gain a sense of peace and calm.

So what is Breathwork?  Simply put, it is the knowledge and practice of a “healthier” way to breathe. It has great benefits! A regular practice allows your body and your mind to relax and let go of stored tension.  At the end of a session some benefits include feeling recharged, more focused and a greater sense of peace.

The Five Principles of Breathwork help to better  explain this practice.  The first principle is the specific breath technique that you will learn and use during the session. The second principle encourages awareness of what you may experience during your “breath” session.  Acceptance…allowing…not resisting is the third important principle.  The fourth principle is relaxation and that naturally happens when you breathe, you are aware, and don’t resist (thoughts and feelings that surface during the session).  The last principle, called integration, comes at the end of the session and involves feeling a greater sense of peace, energy and overall health. During a Breathwork Session you will learn more in-depth about these 5 principles.

There are many benefits of a regular “breathing” practice.  Once learned, it is a life-long tool that does not cost money, can be taken and used anywhere, and is invaluable to your physical and mental health and well-being.


 Individual Session:

  • Initial Session – 90 minutes
  • Foundation, Consultation, Breath Practice, Process
  • $135
  • 60 minute session
  • Consultation, Breath Practice, Process
  • $100

Group Session:

  • 1 1/2 hour session
  • Breathwork orientation, actual practice, process experience
  • Location: at your site (enough space is needed for participants to lay on the floor); or an offsite location can be secured for an additional cost
  • $30 per person ($300 /10 person minimum. $25 per person over 10.)