Group Breathwork Session 

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A group breathwork session in Forest Park that was open to the public.

Breathwork is a “conscious” way in which to breathe that allows your body to relax, let go of stress, and re-energize. It helps you determine where you want to spend your time, energy and resources. At the end of the session you will feel focused, joyful and ready to tackle your day. Breathing in this way has both physical and emotional benefits for healthier living.

Set up a group breathwork session to share the benefits (and the cost!) with others.


I have led sessions at:

  • Corporations for teams during lunch break
  • Offered at a Leadership Conference
  • At Women’s Weekend Retreats
  • For groups that one person organizes through an organization, church, etc.
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Group “breath” workshop – 10 women

I am willing to come to your location or will work to locate an optimal space. Contact me to learn more.