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Reiki is based on Eastern medicine and modern psychology. It is a form of stress reduction and relaxation that promotes health and wellness. Specifically, it is an energy healing method that is practiced by placing hands in different positions on or slightly above the body to promote healing. Reiki allows a positive energy flow. It begins with source energy and combines the energy of the practitioner and the client to help balance the body, relax and heal.

Reiki provides nurturing to the body’s organs and tissues and also works on the mind, emotions, and spirit promoting optimal health. It has been shown to decrease pain levels, speed healing and relax the mind and body. Reiki is positive energy that fills you with feelings of joy, peace, confidence, love, and everything healthy.

I am a Level Three Master Reiki Practitioner.  It is with joy that I share this practice!


  • Initial Reiki Session
  • 90 Minute Session
  • Orientation, Consult, Reiki Healing Session, Process
  • $135 per session
  • 60 Minute Session
  • Consult, Reiki Healing Session, Process
  • $100