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“Breathe” in Spring – Women’s Weekend 14

I may be a “little” biased (this is #12 for me) about Women’s Weekend so after you finish my post, check out the link I’ve attached and make your own decision! 😊

Breathwork is my practice!  It is a specific breathing technique, a healthy belly-breath, that I do which allows my body to relax.  When my body relaxes, I am able to let go of unhealthy feelings and emotions that are stored (or stuck) inside me.  I practice Breathwork regularly.  The big take-aways for me: a feeling of calm within even though life is chaotic, it sheds worry and busyness in my head and makes space for me (for those I love and for what is most important to me).  My Breathwork practice brings me calm, focus, and increased happiness!

That’s what I do at Women’s Weekend!  I share Breathwork Meditation – I teach you the fundamentals and then step aside so that you, too, can experience this life-long healing tool.

Why do I do it?  Because it’s my personal, most-valued practice. It’s healthy, healing, self-nurturing and joy-inducing.  Come for the weekend!  Come and breathe!!!!!

Camp Manitowa – about 1 ½ hours from St. Louis

Affordable, beautiful, serene nature-setting, delicious and nutritious food, a wide selection of activities to choose from (including high ropes course, kayaking, Nia, craft-making, labyrinth, Qoya, belly-dancing, yoga, and on and on and on).  Do as much or as little as you like.  It’s your weekend!  What a great gift for you to give you!  The single best part of “all” of the retreats I have attended…gathering a tribe of life-long women friends who value, support and make my world a better place!

Questions about the weekend…just ask…it’s one of my favorite topics!

I would be honored if you would attend – and if you need a partner in crime on the high ropes course it’s on my agenda this time around and I would welcome a “buddy”! 😊

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