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Camino - 1 - Walking

We began our walk this morning. My apprehension and anxiousness surprised me...isn't this the walk I'd researched & planned for? My mind whispered, "why am I walking, I can't do this, I don't want to do this, I paid money to do this (lol)!"

Thankfully, these thoughts and my anxiousness passed & I fell into the rhythm of w a l k i n g...

I think what happened is that I place to go/no place to be, my job is to walk, one foot in front of the other, enjoy the moment.

Highlights from the day:

*Meeting people from Australia, South Africa, and all over.

*Landscape - flat, uphill and rocky, through the woods, literally on the road, seeing mountains in the distance, etc.

*surprises along the way...crosses woven into the wire fence, rocks with messages..."breathe' spoke to me today. As we climbed to a higher elevation (and as we prepare to climb the highest elevation of the trip tomorrow), I am reminded that slowing down is necessary and resting once in a while is okay!

We made it 26,000 steps (12 miles) today!

A shower, some stretches, and dinner is my evening plans!!

Buen Camino & Good Night!

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