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Camino -10- Walking

Today was a shorter day of 10 miles, hiking the Camino! We left from Palas de Rei around 9:30 a.m. which gave us plenty of time for two cups of coffee, a croissant and a banana (and we missed the crowd of pilgrims leaving town). This will be our new routine for our remaining days on the Camino.

The terrain hiked today was mostly flat, through forests, along roads and through villages.

Pat and I met a delightful couple who live in Melbourne, Australia but originated from Sri Lanka. We walked with them & chatted for two hours (conversation included politics, food, careers, children, grandchildren, travel, marriage, families of origin, and more). You can certainly cover many many topics in that length of time! We stopped for coffee, walked on together & parted ways when they decided to stop for lunch. I think this will be one of Pat & my "special" take-aways from the Camino!

We walked through a Eucalyptus Forest which was quite magical.

Camino marker - 60 km to Santiago (we started at 260 km), so a welcome marker for us!

The last two pictures are taken entering the town of Melide where we will stay for the night.

What you can't see, so I will share, is that I gained a fresh blister today! I walked our last mile in flip flops so I would not make it any worse! Pat, lucky man, hasn't even used one bandaid! Of course I am happy for him & extremely jealous!

Our lodging for the night, Hotel Xaneiro, has a bar & restaurant in the lobby. We will eat and rest and be ready for our Camino hike in the morning.

Peace & blessings from Spain!

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1 Comment

Anne Orso
Anne Orso
Sep 20, 2023

Congrats! Three more days! Unbelievable and you are so close. I absolutely love the pictures of the magical. These pictures today are kind of how I pictured the entire walk would be. Why I don't know. But I was a bit foolishly surprised by all the country, hills (mountains), open spaces. I love those two feet of yours reminding you are accomplishing something BIG, but still cooperating each day. Amazing. Continued healing Reiki and prayers for both of you and your four feet. Love you!

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