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Camino -12- Walking

We left Aruza this morning in a heavy fog. Our hike today was 12 miles. At the end of the day we would end up in the town of Arca.

Our hike today would take us through the forest, up & down hills (done with the mountains), along roads and highways and through a few towns.

We spotted a palm tree which was unusual to see.

I loved this "wall" of shoes with plants growing out of them on the side of a house that we passed by.

Today was rough. Pat's back gave him trouble throughout the day. He was determined to finish walking today so we slowed quite a bit. Other pilgrims could see his struggle and were very kind.

*One young man from Poland (who Pat had talked to yesterday) stopped when he saw us and asked Pat if he could pray for him. He said a beautiful prayer for healing that brought me to tears.

*A Spanish woman stopped and opened her backpack and gave us a spray for numbing back pain. Pat said it helped.

*A woman offered her walking stick. Pat already had one, but she thought he'd be better off with two.

*A man offered ibuprofen.

*A couple walking slowly (after conversation I found out the man had osteoarthritis) told Pat several times how brave he was & what a good job he was doing.

Such kindness on the Camino & prayers from friends at home helped us finish today.

Plus a rest here and there.

We are in the town of Arca this evening.

As I finish this blog, Pat is sleeping very soundly next to me.

Peace & blessings from Spain!

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1 Comment

Anne Orso
Anne Orso
Sep 22, 2023

You are experiencing such amazing kindness from people. Warms my heart. The picture of Pat resting kind of breaks my heart. What a determined man! And you, sister, how are you? Your feet? Love you both so much! It's simply unbelievable that tomorrow is your final day! Oh my goodness. Congrats!!!!!

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