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Camino -13- Arrived

Today I left Arco & headed to our destination, Santiago. I would hike a total of 19.3 km (11.9 miles) before arriving in Santiago.

Pat's back would not allow him to do the entire hike today, so plan B...Pat will meet me at 5 km before Santiago & we will walk in together.

As I set out this morning, I was not alone.

As we left the town behind, fog enveloped us.

The hike today took me up & down hills, through forests & towns.

I can see Santiago in the distance...the excitement amongst the pilgrims can be felt!

What a joy to see this guy when I hit 5 km!

We moved slow and steady...and stopped a little to stretch!

We arrived in Santiago!!! The Cathedral is magnificent! We will attend a pilgrim's mass tomorrow.

Our hotel for the next two days. We will focus on enjoying the destination, Santiago, and resting before heading to Porto, Portugal on Monday.

Hasido un buen Camino!

(It's been a good road),

Peace & blessings from Spain!

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1 Comment

Anne Orso
Anne Orso
Sep 23, 2023

Congratulations to you and Pat! Wow! What a sweet hotel to spend a couple of days as your "home away from home". So glad Pat was able to walk in with you. That is perseverance. Baby your feet...they certainly deserve it. So happy for you both and admire you both. Love you.

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