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Camino - 2 - Walking

As we set out this morning we viewed the mountains we would be hiking far off in the distance. We knew today was considered "hard" due to the mountainous and rocky terrain.

As you can see, as we walked, the mountains were upon us.

This sign, not fancy, an ordinary Camino marker, held the message that resonated with me today.

"Let go of what isn't good & right for you anymore." That sparked reflection as Pat & I walked & made for interesting conversation.

For me...I'd like to let go (and leave behind), caring so much about what others think of me & not be so hard on myself. With age and through experience, I have gotten better...I am more gentle & I don't give as much thought to how others view me (...but I am, as all of us are...a work in progress).

Which sparked our next conversation...why don't we move to Spain! We could run a hotel for pilgrims...Pat said he'd enjoy meeting pilgrims...serving cervasa and coffee. We decided we'd buy the little building above and I would set up shop for therapy. There's so much time walking & being in your head...even 15 min. to process might be beneficial! Lol! Of course our children & grandchildren would need to move too!

more mountains

Cruz De Ferro: The Camino Iron Cross

Lunch at Cafe bar in Manjarin which was a pop-up food truck. Delicious tomato & cheese sandwich and americano coffee!

Mountains and 4 miles of a rocky terrain downhill.

La Rosa del Agua - our hotel for the night. The last photo was taken from our bedroom window.

God's country for sure!

Buen Camino

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Joan Naylor
Joan Naylor
Sep 12, 2023

The mountains look beautiful! I love Spain and would definitely come visit you! Would you make me Paella? Sending hugs

Mary Hughes
Mary Hughes
Sep 12, 2023
Replying to

Most definitely, I would learn to make paella, just for you Joan!

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