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Camino - 3 - Walking

We headed out this morning with a cool 55 degree temperature.. We dressed to be warm, but were quickly reminded how fast you heat up while hiking! Our dinner last evening was our favorite! We ate at one of the only two restaurants in the entire village. The food was delicious and we ate with six other pilgrims (from England, Massachusetts, and Australia). Such fun and interesting conversation!

Today's walk was a steep decline and rocky so we took it slow for a chunk of our hike. Part of the trail ran along side the road - not so fun!! A few Kodak-captured views along the way!

The highlight of our hike today was visiting Molinaseca (a small village with a population of 818). We went to the "Supermercado' and bought a loaf of fresh, crusty bread, an avocado, a tomato, and cheese ( & chorizo for Pat). We sat outside the market ad thoroughly enjoyed our lunch as we watched the coming & going of the people living there.

We hiked into Ponferado, a larger town on the Camino route, where we will be overnight. After a much needed shower, we found the laundry mat & feel very accomplished having fresh, clean clothes!

Our hotel is on a plaza so we have several restaurants to choose from for dinner this evening. Most restaurants in Spain do not open until 8 p.m. , but on the Camino route you are often able to find places that cater to pilgrims & serve dinner earlier.

After dinner we will walk around the town, take time to study our route for tomorrow's Camino hike and turn in early.

And tomorrow...we'll do it all again!

Buen Camino

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Sep 14, 2023

I love the pictures! It is so fun to follow with you and see where you are, the terrain and the mountains and the little it. I don't know why....but I keep seeing you through Mom and Dad's eyes...and I just tear up! Love you so much. I know they are walking with you 💕

Mary Hughes
Mary Hughes
Sep 15, 2023
Replying to

Awe, makes me tear up hearing you say that! We talked to Pat's folks today. A lot like mom & excited for us! Love you, Peg!

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