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Camino - 5 - Walking

We began our hike in the rain this

morning, although the rain did not last! It was overcast much of the day, which was a welcomed reprieve from the hot sun of yesterday. Most of our route today was along roads & through villages.

There were some gorgeous mountain views (which we will get very familiar with tomorrow - lol)!!!

A theme on our route today was water! We saw beautiful streams & rivers & waterfalls...Pat checked out several of these bodies of water for trout & dreamed of having his fishing pole!

We passed by many Chestnut trees that had been logged and a sawmill that was making lumber out of the Chestnut logs!

Our stopping point today is in the Village of Herrerias. A picture of our hotel and the view from the restaurant's balcony.

27,000 Steps = 11 1/2 miles today!

Tomorrow, up, up, up the mountain we hike. FYI - we bought walking sticks in anticipation!

Buenos tardes to my friends at home...from Spain...Buenos noches (good night)!

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