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Camino - 5 - Walking

We began our hike in the rain this

morning, although the rain did not last! It was overcast much of the day, which was a welcomed reprieve from the hot sun of yesterday. Most of our route today was along roads & through villages.

There were some gorgeous mountain views (which we will get very familiar with tomorrow - lol)!!!

A theme on our route today was water! We saw beautiful streams & rivers & waterfalls...Pat checked out several of these bodies of water for trout & dreamed of having his fishing pole!

We passed by many Chestnut trees that had been logged and a sawmill that was making lumber out of the Chestnut logs!

Our stopping point today is in the Village of Herrerias. A picture of our hotel and the view from the restaurant's balcony.

27,000 Steps = 11 1/2 miles today!

Tomorrow, up, up, up the mountain we hike. FYI - we bought walking sticks in anticipation!

Buenos tardes to my friends at home...from Spain...Buenos noches (good night)!

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Anne Orso
Anne Orso
Sep 15, 2023

What a cute picture of you two! Beautiful scenery. I'm glad you have walking sticks. Love you both!

Mary Hughes
Mary Hughes
Sep 16, 2023
Replying to

Not that great of walking already broke! 🙄

Glad to be tucked into our Albergue for the evening!

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