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Camino - 6 - Walking

The 1st picture is our view leaving Herrerias this morning. Also, a rare picture of Pat & me, prior to putting on our hiking gear!

Today was our most difficult hike - 24 km (almost 14 miles). The first 5 miles had us increase our elevation 1800 feet as we navigated up a mountain.

This photo was taken as we entered the region of Galacia.

The weather near the mountain top was misty, windy and quite chilly. Our hike was hard today, but we were rewarded with some unbelievable views! Note: Pat is hugging the inside of the road as he hikes...that's what you do when you don't like heights & you're walking up the side of a mountain (with quite a drop off).

Our albergue is in O Biduedo - Wikipedia tells me there is a population of 30 people. We are the only ones here. As we walked to our room, a woman passed herding her cows. The last picture is the restaurant/bar where we had dinner!

Tomorrow we have a long hiking day, with a difficult descent down the mountain. As we are only a little over a week away from Santiago de Compostela (the culmination of the pilgrimage route) we are seeing & walking with many others. This, in itself, is exciting and holds an air of anticipation.

Peace & blessings,

Buenos noches

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