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Camino - 7- Walking

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

A picture as we left O Biduedi this morning and headed towards Sarria. Today we would walk 13 1/2 miles (and would hit the halfway point of our pilgrimage).

Today's hike included descending the mountain climbed yesterday and climbing part way back up another mountain & walking through the woods. Some beautiful views for sure!

We hit the halfway mark of our Camino trip today (130 km of the 260 km's we are walking)! You better believe we high-fived and fist- bumped!!

The last few hours of our hike today was very windy with misty showers. We were so ready to be done! When we arrived at our hotel the host said there was a mistake...his hotel was full & our luggage was not there. Oh No!!! We used our emergency number for Andespain (the service that booked all of our rooms). Within 45 minutes we had another hotel to stay at which turned out to be pretty perfect (and our luggage got there before we did)!

As we left our room to walk to dinner we were gifted this rainbow.

On a sidenote: I have a dear cousin,Yvonne, & her husband, Tom, who have done a crazy number of Camino trips...seriously around 10 or 12. She shared that they each chose one person to walk for each day, found it special & told me so we could consider it.

And we have...from day one...we start our hike naming who we are walking for that particular day & why. We add our wishes and hopes for that person. My hope is that they feel our love from so very far away! Thanks cousin, Yvonne!!

Peace and Blessings


Buenos Noches (from Spain)

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Sep 18, 2023

Wow! The photos you have been sharing are spiritual and inspirational. And I love seeing the photos of you two in action and STILL smiling. Every day I am amazed at this journey you are on. I feel your love from your beautiful words. Thank you! That! I am pretty sure that was God speaking to you right there! I love the idea that you are walking FOR a person each day, such a beautiful gesture. I am just so incredibly proud of both of you. I am praying for you both every day. Sending love and hugs from St. Louis!


Anne Orso
Anne Orso
Sep 18, 2023

Well you are still smiling! Congrats on completing the halfway mark.

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