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Camino - 8 - Walking

We enjoyed Sarria, the town we stayed in last night. Our host recommended an out of the way restaurant & Pat and I both enjoyed our meals!

I loved this picture on the wall in our hotel & think every home would benefit from this artwork as a reminder of how a home should be!

This picture was taken as we left our hotel in Sarria.

Okay, BIG, BIG surprise...people, lots of them!! Pat & I said it felt like the start of a race this morning as we began our Camino hike! Really! Let me explain...Sarria is located about 100 km from Santiago and hiking that distance is needed in order to qualify for the pilgrim credential called Compostela. Pat & I were aware of this...but the reality did not register. Compared to yesterday when we might have seen a total of 10 hikers, this felt crazy!! Good news is that after the start it seemed to thin out some. I checked with my seasoned Camino friend, Terry, & she gave me a few good tips for our last 5 days of the Camino. First, leave a little later(hopefully missing the big rush). Secondly, when you get to a town on your route skip the first restaurant & look for a less crowded place to stop!! I'm going to add to that & pack some food - that way we can rest where we want & aren't dependent on a restaurant. We'll make the best of it (and I'm optimistic that we will find joy & beauty this week) was just an adjustment of expectations & a reality check for the two of us.

Still such beauty...

We arrived in Portomarin, walking 14 miles today. Unfortunately, I have a blister on each foot. My feet are elevated as I blog this & the only walking I'm doing this evening is next door to the restaurant for dinner! Tomorrow I will pad & bandage my two blisters - and walk on!

Peace & blessings,

Hasta Manana (Until tomorrow),


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