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Camino - 9 - Walking

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Today was a good around 70 degrees, much shade, we left Potomarin later to avoid big crowds and met some really nice people to talk to. My blisters didn't cause pain & didn't get any worse! 14 miles today - success!

A beautiful fence made of rock and stone!

It was quite foggy this morning as we began our hike!

Scenery to start our day...forests, green pastures and Pat liked the "cow crossing" sign!

Our walk opened to blue skies!

Today we bought fruit and nuts and cookies to eat along the way. We rested when needed and enjoyed the food we packed. Only once did we stop for a coffee & as you can see it's a pretty busy place.

To end our day, we were greeted by cows being herded to another pasture.

Tonight we are staying in Palas do Rei. Our hotel has laundry facilities which is a bonus! I stocked up on bandages for my feet for tomorrow's hike and hit the "supermercada" for provisions.

Pat and I had a delicious meal at Albergue Restaurant Castro. Pat had ribs and I had seabass (and yes, it came to our table whole, with the head and tail in place). I did the best I could, butchering the poor fish some...and it was delicious!

Peace and blessings,

Adios de Palas do Rei

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Anne Orso
Anne Orso
Sep 19, 2023

Beautiful photos. I'm so glad it was a beautiful day and your feet behaved. I love that last pictuire of you and Pat. It's a keeper

Mary Hughes
Mary Hughes
Sep 20, 2023
Replying to

Awe, thanks, Anne! Finally got someone to take our pic...not the best at selfies! Lol

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