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“Hangin” With Wise Women

Updated: Dec 24, 2018

Today I had the privilege of spending the day with my Mom and my Mother-in Law (84 and 82 years of age – respectively).  We went to Kimmswick, browsed through shops and then had lunch at the Blue Owl café!  Some of my take-aways from the day…

*can’t get much better of a deal than to buy 2 watches and get the 3rd free (especially when you are the recipient of the 3rd)!

*samples of fudge – the absolute best! (…and hooked us into returning for a purchase)!

* walking can sometimes be precarious…especially in a small, quaint town with uneven sidewalks, gravel, unexpected steps and concrete that has been eroded by tree stumps…(slowing our roll, locking arms, walking together – we were a united team – one not to be reckoned with)!

*stories and laughter, food and family (especially Moms)…the best antidote for making a ho-hum day bright and sunny and extra-ordinary!

I’m 58 years old – married 38 of those years…my mother and mother-in-law have been the most important, impactful, sensitive, loving, caring, teaching, significant women I know.  I am forever grateful and blessed for their presence in my life.

I hope you, too, have wise teachers/friends/mothers…and that you take the time to realize God’s gift of his love!

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