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I'm Back!

Living in Ste. Genevieve during the Pandemic was ideal. It allowed for space and a home (rather than residing on the 19th floor of a multi-family building downtown STL). Waking up in Ste. Genevieve afforded me sunrises over the lake, bonfires in the evening, long walks and lots of time in nature. Ste. Genevieve is just what I needed for the past year and a half. I am grateful.

Time has passed. I recently secured space back in the city in a high-rise where FP is my neighbor. I am doing a happy dance!! I did not realize "my" need for connection and that I was missing people, activity and urban living!! Last night my granddaughter spent the night at my new place! She's 7 years old, bright and honest! She asked if me and grandpa would ever get a "real" house!! She said my lake house does not count as a real house!! Later, she told me she loved my new place because it is busy with activity and people. She said it is like New York and Paris!! I loved that! And, she said that she doesn't like my new place because it is too busy and noisy! Ahhh, I am grateful for time spent with my granddaughter and the fact that I present and model a different way of living!

May we all open our minds and hearts. May we stay connected!

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