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January 1, 2018 – New Year!

I haven’t posted in soooo long?! Something about “blogging” intimidates me and stops me in my tracks! Why? I journal often, I practice Naikan Gratitude, and I thrive on words of affirmation…and yet, I stumble and fumble when it comes to posting. I wish I knew I would be better this year, that writing blog posts would be easier and more natural, and yet I am still unsure. For now, let me get on with it!

2017 entailed a lot of living! I know there was sadness mixed with joy (because that is life) but the Joy stands out and the sadness has faded…I traveled – oh, did I travel! Paris, Versailles, and Marseilles – two weeks – while my husband (Pat) traveled for work, I played! Biking in the gardens in the Palace of Versailles, walking the steps of the Eiffel Tower, dinners in the evenings at Café’s with Pat…beautiful, liberating, and joyous! Then another week in Paris (while Pat worked) with my adult son, Paul (yes, I realize and am grateful for this rare opportunity)! Walking the streets in Paris, visiting the Catacombs, the Seine River Cruise, Notre’ Dame, maneuvering the metro, buying the perfect Christmas gifts…Paul was a trooper, a wonderful travel companion – my memories are filled with laughter, fun and love!

Another great travel adventure was to Hawaii! My sister and bestie, Anne, and I traveled to visit my sister, Joan (another bestie…of course I have 4 sisters – lots of besties!)! Walking distance to the ocean, snorkeling, gigantic turtles, exotic fruit testers, rain forests, volcanoes…our trip was action-packed! Especially, I hold the special memories of early mornings with cups of coffee and conversations – these moments etched in my mind and heart! Forever grateful!

In addition to travel, November brought my newest grandbaby. He was born to my youngest child – my daughter Abby (and Dan)! Grandbabies bring a joy like no other! Jax was born three days before Thanksgiving and his own mama’s birthday…he is a tiny gift like no other, grace-filled and pure love!

And then as it happens, it gets to be the end of the year! Tradition, for the last 7 or so years is ice-skating with my oldest granddaughter, Bailey! This year, Evan (my 8 year old grandson) came and ice-skated for the very first time! I will have to admit I am a little sore from attempting to hold him steady…but, I see our adventure as a success…he only fell three times and I stayed upright the entire time! Bailey heads to college next year…I cannot help but feel a little melancholy when I think of the time that has passed. And yet, pulling myself into the present, I look at this young, amazingly kind woman and I burst with pride and love!!

New Year’s Eve was spent with Dan and Stacy (my oldest son and his wife), their children, my husband Pat and my Mom who turned 86 years young in December! Steak, crab legs, sweet treats, Liverpool and a P.J. party…that is how I brought in 2018. Would not have chosen any other way to see in 2018 then surrounded by family – mama, hubby, children and grandchildren!!

2018 – Looking ahead… I’m not one to make big goals and set New Year’s resolutions. I enjoy new opportunities and possibilities that aren’t even thought of yet. I am hope-filled as I enter 2018.

A few happenings marked on my 2018 calendar…

*In March I will celebrate 40 years of marriage to my childhood sweetheart, my biggest support and cheerleader in life, my best friend, Pat. *In June my family crew of 14 will spend a week on the beach in Florida. *In July I travel to Chicago for a 2-week Intensive Yoga Teacher Training and Mindfulness Certification. More to come as these unfold…

And you, dear reader…where have you been (2017), what has been joyous and what has challenged you, and where, oh where are you headed? Happy New Year – this Jan. 1st of 2018. Wishing you warmth, health and great happiness!

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