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Kindness Exemplified!

Updated: Dec 24, 2018

Ann (friend of biking, Women’s Weekend…beautiful, adventuresome soul with a smile that holds an abundance of light and positivity) hosted a Kindness “Rocks” party this past Saturday.

And it “ROCKED”!!

In Gratitude…

-for the sunshiny, cool Fall day making it great biking weather to the party

-for the guests of honor…Ann’s parents visiting from Wisconsin

-the rocks that Ann lugged back all the way from California

-neighbors, friends, young and old, gathered…meeting, painting, chatting, connecting

-an array of multi-colored paints, markers, glitter, paint-pens 

-heavenly decadent blueberry lavender cheesecake

-laughter, banter and beautiful quotes…being searched, penned &    painted on rocks.

-a let down your hair, come as you are JOY-FILLED afternoon! 

It started as a hobby of one…painting and dropping a few rocks at a time.  This hobby has now turned into a movement due to the energy of many around Cape Cod and beyond…Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, Thailand, Haiti, and England.

Goals of the Project:

#1.  To inspire others by randomly placing rocks along the way.

#2.  If you stumble upon a rock join in by inspiring others through random Acts of Kindness.

I’ve begun collecting rocks myself.  When I have gathered a good supply, I plan on having my family for a Kindness Rocks Party.  This is a movement I want to promote and continue.  I can only imagine the fun we (my husband, adult children and six grandchildren) will have…painting, deciding on inspirational quotes, stories of where we will place our rocks and what act of kindness we may wish to do that will accompany our kindness rock.

Yes, it’s a movement with endless positive energy!  Won’t you join?

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