• Mary Hughes

Life: Pain and Possibility

The pandemic changed each of us. Fear of the unknown, the shut-down and isolation took their toll. I tend to be on the more serious side naturally. I work at and am intentional about being light and playful. For me, the pandemic intensified my serious side.

As we move back into the world and life, I realize this transition, too, is not easy.

This summer afforded me the chance to encourage play and fun and lightness! I was

able to relax and let go of the tight grip that had taken hold of me.

For that, I am grateful!

5 Sisters in N. Carolina 5 Grands in Santa Rosa, FL Snorkeling in St. Thomas

Our experiences connect us. There is value. I would be honored to hear...

- how it has been for you.

- of what you are more aware.

- moving forward – how?

Love and blessings,


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