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Self-Care Respite in Miami Beach

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Wellness - mentally, physically, spiritually - is what my site is all about (actually, what I am about...for my clients and for me)!'s to 2019...self-care and wellness run rampant!!

Pat (my hubby) and I took two weeks away from MO cold to visit Miami Beach (sunny and a balmy 77 degrees). Pat worked half days, golfed and explored the other half. Since I am away from my office, I committed to some work that included revamping my new website, and delving into all things yoga (from my 2018 summer training and 200 hour teacher certification)...unraveling, soaking in, deciding how to implement meditation, yoga Mudras, restorative yoga poses, and on and on. Which still left lots of spare time to relax and play!

Come along for a glimpse of my journey...

Beach Walking...

Miami Beach Shell finds... Portuguese Man-of-War


Sunrise... Sunset... Total eclipse - blood moon!

Friends, food, connection...

South Beach Street Festival Cuban Food with Friends Dinner outside (because we


As this retreat from the cold weather and everyday routine comes to an end, I am reminded of the beauty in my cherished memories. I am encouraged and feel strengthened by my time spent in Miami. Through the process of slowing down, reading, walking, banishing t.v., ocean waves out my front door, and lots of yoga and breathing I feel replenished and nourished body and soul. In gratitude and with appreciation I head back to STL - my home!

My vow is to find small ways (probably not 2-weeks away anytime soon) to continue self-care in 2019.

How, my dear readers, and what are you doing to nurture you?

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