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Plant-based Exploration

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

I was invited to a new neighbor’s for brats over the weekend. I accepted and mentioned that I eat Vegetarian (I’m actually following a Pesco-vegetarian diet…eating plant-based, fish, dairy and eggs but did not elaborate that to the neighbor). At the get together, the neighbor asked “why” I don’t eat meat. I found myself stumbling and fumbling about my beliefs around my diet. It didn’t feel good. It felt awkward. At home that night, I told my husband that I was going to work on my elevator speech so that I could better explain. And thus, I’ve decided to share a little of my story which means how this got started.

My journey began 6 months ago when I watched, “The Game Changers”. This film tells the story of James Wilks (elite special forces trainer) as he travels the world to uncover the optimal diet for human performance and health. Based on scientific research, credible medical professionals and world-renowned athletes, this movie was my nudge to begin to replace meat in my diet. Thus, my diet of eating mainly plant-based while adding limited fish, dairy and eggs began (my husband watched the film too and committed to eat “more” plant-based meals each week and on a side note…that in itself is pretty amazing!!).

Some of the long-term benefits of eating plant-based is that you have a decreased chance of getting diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and cancer. This diet has also been proven to improve cholesterol levels and keep your brain strong.

Diet changes are not easy.It takes education, understanding and time. It is a process.I feel excited and solid in my decision to eat mainly plant based as I move forward.My path may not be the right one for you.I am not proselytizing, but you might want to consider watching this film.It struck a chord with me; you might also see the benefits for you and want to consider its premise as well.

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