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Showing Up!

Writing posts on my website so overwhelms me…not quite sure why that is? I do have a thought – maybe…just maybe… it’s like yoga – when my teacher says, “You’re here!  Yay!  The hardest part was showing up on your mat!”   I’m going to give this thought (about showing up) time to marinate…I want to do better at showing up on my website!

Anyways, I’ve had such a lovely weekend I couldn’t help but want to share a glimpse of what is going on in my life…

My husband, Pat, and I bought a small lake home in St. Genevieve County in May. It’s quickly becoming my “happy” place!

My beautiful “mama” – 86 years young! What a blessing to have her all to myself this past weekend!! We read, cooked, chatted, played cards and listened to the ballgame on the radio!

Water is so life-giving for me! Beyond excited to be out on the lake in my new, blue kayak!

The beauty of our lake at dusk!

My hope is that your weekend fed your soul and prepared you for this coming week. I want to know – please share a little of you with me.

Blessings – Mary

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