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The Gut/Mental Health Connection

Effortless Healing” by Dr. Joseph Mercola is a must see! This video is packed with knowledge and ways to live and feel optimally, both physically and emotionally.  I don’t suggest trying all of the changes at once, rather make small, intentional changes so that what you change stays and sticks!

In Effortless Healing, Mercola sites sugar as public enemy #1 and does a good job explaining why.  He teaches us why it is important to drink lots of water and that the water should not be chlorinated.  Mercola helps us to understand gluten, how we can eliminate it from our diet, and other food choices that we should include in our day.  In the video, we are also given a “High Intensity” workout that is actually doable.  In addition to all of this, and what I honed in on in this video, Dr. Mercola gives us a wealth of knowledge on “gut flora”.

Some Facts and Eye-Openers…

*your gut is your 2nd Brain

*your gut influences your brain, heart and mood

*gut problems can cause mental health issues

*most serotonin is located in our gut

*80% of our immune system lies in our gut

*want to avoid getting sick…get a healthy gut

*improve gut flora by avoiding antibiotics (since antibiotics are found in meat it’s important to eat organic meat)

Take Away…

I work with many individuals that are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression.  The desire is to find holistic, healthy ways to feel better and be happier in life.  This video gives valuable knowledge and an action plan as well.  The gut…our second brain and how it influences the brain, heart and mood will become a talking point in my office.  Hopefully not just an informative conversation, but rather involving practice and change for a healthier you!

Let’s begin a conversation!  After viewing “Effortless Healing”, share one action that you will put into practice for a healthier gut!

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