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Treasure Walking

Living Downtown St. Louis brings joy (walking along the riverfront, catching a Cardinal’s game without paying $$ to park, and having wonderful eating establishments in walking distance…Anthony’s…Broadway Oyster Bar, etc.) and challenges (8 floors of garage to get my car to the street, seeing homelessness up close, and road closures plus construction that will eventually improve our great downtown area, but make it almost impossible to maneuver a vehicle!!).

For the past 6 months or so I have deemed my walks in the Downtown area, “Treasure Walks”. Each time I walk, City or Riverfront, I search for discarded “treasures”. My goal is to create a sculpture with my collection!! I do have questions…how to adhere the treasures…what would be the best base…when should I stop collecting and start creating…? I did ask my oldest granddaughter, Bailey, to be my assistant/my partner in crime! Get excited! I’m excited…more about this to come!!

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