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Mary Hughes,
Well-being Coach

Life is crazy, busy and complicated. Its layered with joys, sprinkled with heartache and everything in between. Life naturally takes its toll on us. Are you experiencing too much stress & overwhelm? Are your "go-to" tools just not working? What would it feel like if you had a place of calm and steady within, during life's turns?


As a therapist, teacher, yoga instructor, and Reiki Master I offer my passion and what I have found most helpful personally and professionally. A path to slow and find your center. When life's "weather" hits, have a place within to navigate with calm. Increase and enhance your own well-being.

Contact me today to schedule an individualized breathwork meditation, restorative yoga or Reiki session. Not sure which tool may work best for you? Reach out and I'll make a recommendation based on your needs. 


Learning, experiencing, and having a regular practice will positively impact your life.

With 25 years of passionately honing my tools and techniques, today I offer specific holistic coaching techniques for your well-being. It would be my honor to support you in creating a sustainable self-care plan that allows you to live your best life.



Contact me by phone: (314) 401-4738

Or my Contact Page to schedule your appointment.

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Breathwork is a “conscious” way in which to breathe that allows your body to relax, let go of stress, and re-energize. It helps you determine where you want to spend your time, energy and resources.

A Breathwork Session lasts a total of 90 minutes.  There is a check-in with the client and a thorough explanation of this healing modality prior to the actual breathing session. After the  session, time is spent processing the client's experience. 


At the close of a session, client's report feeling energized, focused, at peace, joyful and ready to tackle the day. Breath has the amazing ability to give the body what it most needs in the moment. Breathing in this way promotes healthier living and happiness.

Restorative yoga is a practice that brings you back to balance and creates the space for your body to relax and rejuvnate.  This practice has the ability to regulate your nervous system, decrease stress in your life and teach your body to let go and rest.

90 minutes of practice includes 15 minutes before and after the actual yoga session to check-in, set intentions and to process the yoga experience.  Restorative yoga involves 5 to 7 guided poses, held for an extended period (using props that include blankets, a bolster and blocks) to allow your body total rest and relaxation.

This is the ultimate in self-care.  Relaxation, an increased sense of peace, rejuvenated, less pain, and improved mental and physical health are all benefits from this practice.

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing, a type of complimentary medicine.  Reiki  is performed by a Reiki master (an individual who has undergone formal training in this healing art).  The practitioner uses gentle hand movements on energy centers known as meridians throughout the client's body to open stuck energy and promote the flow of healthy energy throughout the body.  Universal energy is transferred from the practitioner's palms to the client's body.  Reiki aids relaxation, assists the body's natural healing processes and increases mental and spiritual well-being.

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