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Today I Choose Joy


Mary Hughes

Welcome - I’m glad you landed on my site!  Life happens!  At one time or another each of us find ourselves navigating relationships, love, finances, career, health, children, families, graduation, retirement…dreams and losses.  Yes, life is busy and sacred and ever-changing.  Add to mix-of-life stay at home orders, social distancing and the COVID-19 pandemic!  Life as we knew it has changed.  How are you doing right now?  Are you taking care of yourself during this time of chaos? Have you honored where you are and embraced your feelings? 


Would support be of value to you during this time of uncertainty?  I will be present with you and listen.  Speaking your story, sharing your truth is powerful and can be life changing.  Each of us has our own answers and I honor this.  It is my hope and expectation that through our conversations, you will gain an awareness of your inner strength, will gain a better understanding of who you are and what you want in life.


Each client is different, and I respect that truth.  Over my 20 years as a therapist, I have mastered many tools and modalities.  It is my intention, with your direction, to customize a specific plan for your needs and desires.  My goal for you is simple – that you find a place of rest within the chaos of life.  That you nurture your sense of safety, health, happiness and find meaning in life as it is!

I’m offering telehealth sessions – video or audio! 


Mary (314) 401-4738 or use my Contact Page to schedule your appointment!

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Each of us has a unique story. At times in our lives we need another person to listen to our story and support us. I would like to be that person for you.

Because your team matters to you!  Addressing the physical and emotional needs of your team-members can increase productivity, improve work atmosphere and job satisfaction.  Positive investments into employee well-being frequently shows gains in efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace.

Yoga is a mind-body practice. It combines physical poses, controlled breathing and meditation. Yoga is for "every" body...young or old, overweight or fit. Yoga is a fun way to self-nurture both physically and emotionally.

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