Mary Hughes

Everyone has a story and at times in life, people need to share that story and have someone listen.  As a therapist, I am honored to be that person for my clients.

Here’s a little of my story I’d like to share with you!  I’m 61 years old and I love my life “most” of the time! I have not always appreciated my life as much as I do today.  I am much better today at living in the present and not getting caught up in what is coming next week or next month.  I am grateful for that – that I have found tools to help me stay present and enjoy my today!  As a therapist, it is a gift to share these tools with others so that they may feel more fulfilled in their lives too.

I am married…have been for 43 years!  My husband, Pat, and I met while I was a in High School.  We married young and have had a rich life (filled with life’s ups and downs).  We certainly are not the 20 year-olds that said “I do” so many years ago, but we are still one another’s best friend and biggest cheerleader in life.

I am the mother of three grown children -  each with children of their own!  My oldest, Dan, and my daughter-in-law, Stacy, have 5 children ranging in age from 18 years to 4 years.  Theirs is a big, busy, loving crew!  My son, Paul, who I always say has the "biggest heart", is the father of Thomas who takes after his Dad with his kind ways.  Abby, my youngest daughter, is married to Dan.  Dan & Abby are parents of a 1 year old.  Baby Jax is the easiest, happiest baby that I have ever met...a true joy!  I am proud of all of my children, the lives they lead and the adults they have become.  I am the grandmother of seven!  My grandchildren are my light and my delight!  They make me laugh like there is no tomorrow.

My personal journey has been fun and filled with life-long learning.  I began college at the age of thirty.  I worked hard for my education and have always appreciated the work that I do.  I have a private counseling practice in Downtown St. Louis.  Today, my focus when I work with my clients is to see possibilities for them.  I work from a strength-based perspective and my goal for each of my clients is health and happiness.  I honor where a client is at and tailor counseling as best I can to meet individual needs.  

New adventures and learning are always on my radar.  This past summer I spent three weeks in Chicago and completed my 200-hour yoga teacher certification.  My days were intense - biking 3 miles to training that began at 8:30 a.m. and then biking home at 6:30 p.m. in the evening!  After the first few days (and lots of sore muscles), I remember calling my husband in St. Louis and asking what he thought of me coming home.  He laughed and reminded me that I had signed up for this nine months in advance and by the way...had paid quite a bit of money!  I settled in, no I dove in and saturated myself in learning yoga philosophy, meditation, anatomy and asana practice.   What a wealth of learning and fun that experience turned out to be for me!  In fact, I am still sorting through, studying and contemplating these new found skills and the possibilities of how best to incorporate them into my life.  I also enjoy walking, exploring and living downtown, bike-riding, cooking, and hanging out with family and friends.

Breath is my #1 tool for staying healthy - I use it in my life and share it with every client.  Breath has the power to improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure, bust anxiety, increase peace and overall happiness in life.  Almost a decade ago I completed training as a Breathwork Coach. This has been significant in my work as a therapist (since every service modality that I offer involves breath), but most important is my personal practice using conscious breath.  A consistent breathing practice allows me to slow down, clear clutter that I have stored in my body and be more present for the people I care about.  It is with gratitude that I share this life-enhancing tool with others.     

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