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Yoga Mudra - A Tool for a Successful Interview

So exciting, you got the job interview! It's one week away. You"re nervous and excited all at the same time. As you work to prepare for your talking points for the interview you might want to consider preparing emotionally too! One way to do that - practice Mudras.

In Yoga, Mudras are hand seals or symbols that aid the body in setting intentions and sealing positive energy within. It is a concrete way to focus on the positive and manifest what you want. Mudras are powerful and yet simple to learn and do.

Two of my favorite Mudras that can be used as you prepare for an interview (or used daily to help manifest intentions, goals and desired outcomes).

1. Anjoli Mudra - This Mudra opens our heart and calms our body.

Anjoli Mudra

Begin, by bringing your hands into prayer position at your heart center. Allow your thumbs to connect with your heart. Close your eyes. Breathe. Take time to set an intention (i.e. in gratitude for my qualifications and unique experience or for calm and confidence while speaking).

2. Shankh or Conch Shell Mudra - This Mudra focuses on increasing communication and promoting calm within.

Shankh Mudra

Begin, by placing your left palm in front of your heart. With your right hand wrap your fingers around your left thumb. Next, take the fingers of the left hand (minus the thumb) and bring them under the right hand placing them over the right knuckles. Your hands represent a conch shell. Bring your conch shell closer to your heart center. Close your eyes and breathe. Choose an intention that focuses on positive communication (i.e. speaking clearly and consciously or your ability to name your talents and experience as a teacher).

For both Anjoli and Shankh Mudras, you will need to set aside 3 to 5 minutes. After you have the hands positioned in the Mudra, state your intention to yourself. Sit with your intention for a few moments, repeating it and allowing your desire to settle in your body. Breathe and seal it in. Plan 2 to 3 (ten-second) breaks throughout the day to reinforce this intentional Mudra-practice. Pause, place your hands in the Mudra of your choice, repeat your intention and breathe it into your body and your life. Simple, but certainly not simplistic.

As you prepare for your interview (i.e. organization review, anticipate question responses, hone your qualifications, choose the perfect outfit, consider body language, etc.), don't overlook the importance of mental readiness. Practice Anjoli or Shankh Mudra to help calm, center and ready your brain to perform optimally on your interview. It's a small investment of time that can help deliver a big result - that new job!

Personally, I use Mudras at the start of my yoga practice to set my intention and seal it in my body. By practicing Mudras consistently, I do better at seeing the small graces and beauty in my day (and avoid getting caught up in unimportant glitches).

Yoga Mudras will help you calm your mind, stay present and focus and grow in gratitude for your multitude of gifts and blessings...when your interviewing for a job or just seeking to have a good day.

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