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2018 Breathe For Change - Yoga

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Recently, I came across this picture and realized I have so much to share from this experience. [Can you find me? And, these are my peeps (social workers, counselors, midwife, etc.) that took this ride with me! More to come about these women later!]

Last Summer, I went to Chicago for a 3-week yoga intensive training! I gained a lifetime of knowledge in 3 weeks (loooong days plus weekends)!! Fast forward, now still marinating, reading, learning, sifting, sorting, relishing-in, uncovering, delving, absorbing...slowly, intentionally.

I am an avid life-long learner, believing that it enhances my well-being. Yoga-teacher training was a stretch from my comfort zone (3 hours of physical practice daily, relocating to Chicago for this training, meeting and interacting with the "100+" program-participants, etc.). Even though yoga certification was a big challenge, I was able to move past my own fear that I would not succeed and I grew (personally and professionally), getting to know myself better.

I encourage you to break out of your comfort zone and try something new today! Why not make the commitment right now? You may just discover a new hobby, an area of interest, meet new people and definitely learn more about yourself in the process.

The program I participated in was Breathe For Change which is a yoga teacher training focused and created for educators and care-giving professionals. Ilana Nankin's founded it after researching and demonstrating the negative impact of educator stress on teaching and learning. Plus, research also showed that enhancing well-being positively impacts learning and outcomes. And so, B4C (Breathe For Change) happened!

My three-week deep-dive included meditation, philosophy, anatomy, Asana (physical yoga) and community building. So much of what I learned is applicable to every day life and how I want to walk in this world (healthy and happy). Over the last 6 months, I have loved applying it in my own life, sharing it with loved ones and sharing it with my clients in session.

Over the next month I will share highlights of my yoga learning, the multitude of benefits and some easy, practical ways to begin using every day. So, I hope you will buckle up and stay with me for this ride! For today, I encourage you to dream...about what you could do outside of your comfort zone to keep growing and living your best life.

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