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Restorative Yoga – What?

Updated: Apr 27


Now that I am “on the books” for Restorative Yoga at OM Old Orchard through August, several people have asked me what it is!  So, a little about this very awesome, specific, different kind of yoga practice, called Restorative Yoga. 

Definition – What is being restored?  The body and the mind by way of soothing and calming the nervous system.  Restorative yoga is a restful practice.  Healthy breath is partnered with yoga poses (or asanas) and are held for a longer duration as compared to most other types of yoga practices.  The use of props including blocks, blankets, and bolsters allow for muscles to be completely supported and allow for deeper softening and relaxation.

What does a session look like?  There is no prior yoga experience necessary for restorative yoga. Restorative yoga is much less about strength, speed, and movement and much more about calming, slowing and finding inner peace. You won’t be asked to do planks, chaturangas or warrior poses.  Restorative yoga usually begins with breath practice (intentionally focusing on your breath) and a gentle warm-up to prepare your body for restful poses.  There are usually only three to five yoga poses with a long Shavasana (typical rest pose at the end of yoga sessions) at the end.  This practice allows you to gift yourself with quiet and stillness and the rest necessary to feel settled and at “home” within you - no matter the busyness of your life or the world around you.

Benefits: Restorative yoga soothes the nervous system, regulates emotions bringing balance to mind and body.  When the mind and body are in balance natural healing can happen.  This soothing style of yoga, when practiced regularly, can lower stress, anxiety, reduce pain, lower blood pressure, and slow your heart rate.

Who should attend?  If you need or would enjoy relaxation, mentally, physically and/or emotionally, consider restorative yoga.  This practice teaches your body to relax and is an antidote to our fast-paced, productivity-driven, chaotic lifestyles.  It will allow you to rest and digest and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.  Who benefits most from the practice (spoiler: pretty much everyone!)?

Suggestions for coming to a class:  Wear comfy clothing, don’t come with an overfull belly (or you might just nap the whole time), bring anything that helps you relax (i.e.  a favorite, soft blanket, socks, a soft scarf to wrap your eyes, etc.).  Everything needed is provided, but I like to bring my favorite things when I practice. 

Questions still - reach out… (314) 401-4738.

Here is the link to sign up for a restorative yoga class.  Select Sundays through August. Cannot wait to meet you on the mat.


BTW, check out OM Old Orchard’s entire website and all that is being offered.  Erin Ford is the new owner of this boutique yoga studio.  Erin is dynamic, creative, and fun.  Already, the vibe of her studio is one where you feel at home and have a true sense of community.

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Anne Orso
Anne Orso
27 apr.

It sounds so lovely. And I know that anything you lead, Mary, will be wonderful.

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