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A “Majestic” Creature


Eating breakfast, early this morning, an eagle swooped over the lake outside my kitchen window in Ste. Genevieve, MO.  I watched as it made its way into my yard and perched on a branch high in a tree.  I have watched it off and on for the past hour and a half, hoping that I will glimpse this magnificent bird leave the tree and soar through the air.  I am awed by its grandeur, its self-assuredness, and its quiet tenacity.  I have strong doubts that I will outlast this eagle!!

According to, “Eagles symbolize vitality and power.  With their feathers and large wings, they also represent speed and greatness.  With the totemic spirit of the eagle and its energy in your life, you will feel ready to accept challenges and put your fears aside.” Nov. 17, 2022

So, just for today, I will embody the eagle’s beauty and feel its power manifest within me.  And, with that in mind, I will move through my day open for opportunities, ready to accept new challenges and will put apprehension and fears aside. And, so it is!


When we pause and notice…

Is there a sign (an animal, something in nature, etc.) that has been put in your path today, to help you navigate your best?

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Anne Orso
Anne Orso

How beautiful is this eagle! I love the thought of vitality and power it brings to you today. Have a lovely day!

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