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Porto - Rejuvenation

Best decision...we headed to Porto, Portugal for three days to rest at the ocean. Pat swam and used the sauna each day (he says his back is 75 percent improved)!

We could see the ocean from our balcony.

I am a fan of the architecture in Porto!

Porto beach views & sunsets...magnificent!

The beaches in Porto are rocky. There were wonderful gems that I found beachcombing for rocks (which Pat just doesn't get)!!

We walked into town so Pat could get a haircutcut! Success! Afterwards we happened on a little restaurant that advertised good/reasonably priced food. I asked about dinner reservations & was told they had a special event that night for 33 Euros a person. A three course meal with wine, dessert and coffee, plus live Portuguese music. We decided to go! What an experience as the only US guests, knowing no Portuguese. The singer had a beautiful voice, but I will say it was past Pat & my bedtime (it began at 8:30 p.m. and lasted until midnight). Everyone was gracious as we attempted a few words in Portuguese like thank you, please, coffee, bathroom...

Notice the handsome dog that snuck in the restaurant (the owner's dog) and visited tables looking for food!

A pretty shot of Porto's cityscape.

This morning we took one last walk along the beach ( & I picked up a few rocks).

As we wait at Porto airport, I blog.

Much appreciation to those that followed my blog beginning in Madrid, then the long trek hiking the Camino and ending in Porto.

I have immensely enjoyed making these posts. Pat & I feel we have had an adventure of a lifetime! I will admit that we are so looking forward to landing in the US, being in our own home & bed, hugging our children and having coffee on our deck!

Peace and blessings from Porto...soon to be home in the US!

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