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Yoga – Just for You!

 Yoga – intentional, mindful movement to enhance your health & well-being.


What holds you back?

*Feelings that you are not flexible enough.

*Yoga language can be intimidating (i.e., downward facing dog, table-top, shavasana, etc.).

*Not knowing what type/level of yoga class that you are walking into.


Why one-on-one instruction?

Learn the foundational poses (asanas) of yoga. Learn proper alignment for comfort and safety.  Gain knowledge, understanding and build your yoga confidence.  Through this experiential practice you will come to realize each body is built differently and how important it is to notice, reflect and adjust when needed.

In addition, learn the importance of patience, non-judgement, and reflection on how each pose makes you feel.  Through regular practice you will begin to experience strength and increased flexibility.  End goal: to find balance between effort and ease, to reap the benefits of yoga practice and to find joy in the process.


What are the possible benefits with regular practice?

*less stress and anxiety

*more stability, both physically and emotionally

*improved sleep

*improved balance

*increased energy

*brighter mood

*increase in breath-awareness

*a sense of “calm” within


Call me today for a 90-minute, individualized class, tailored just for your needs.  I cannot wait to get started!

(314) 401-4738

Mary, LPC, RYT

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Feb 22

YOGA JUST FOR YOU! ------ THIS is SO awesome Mary!  I love that you are doing this. Everything you say in this post is exactly how I felt before doing yoga for the first time!  I think you can help many people experience yoga that typically would not even try it!  When you did that hour of 'teaching me about Yoga' at my place, it made me feel SO much better about going to my first Yoga class.  I was very nervous to go into my first yoga class, not knowing ANYTHING about poses or the language, or IF I could even physically do it....or just what to expect.  Great Great GREAT idea!   I love that you are offering this!!!

Mary Hughes
Mary Hughes
Feb 22
Replying to

Thanks Peggy, so fun to work with you! And, like most people when endeavoring something new, you were hard on yourself & could do more than you anticipated! I enjoy building from the ground up, going through alignment on basic yoga poses, and answering any/all questions. You rocked it!!!!

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