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Madrid - Day 2

Pat & I took a "hop-on, hop-off" open bus tour today. Highlights included a picture in front of the Santiago Bernabeau Stadium where Real Madrid soccer club plays (which, btw, scored points with several grandsons when we texted that picture)! Architectural buildings were another point of focus today. We enjoyed drinks midday at an outdoor Cafe and a late night dinner of delicious empanadas!!

Lessons from the day or at least thoughts to be contemplated:

*Many, many round-abouts in Madrid...GPS's do not like round abouts...thus we were lost & we're fortunate to get in many, many steps!!

*Outdoor cafes are always crowded. When don't Madrileans eat?

*One advantage today to being 65 yrs...our bus tour tickets cost

11e verses 23e (which it would have cost us if we were only 64 years old).

*2 euro beers are not worth it if you have to wait in line 20 minutes and once you get it there's no place to sit!

Full day...Day 2's a wrap...headed to's midnight in Madrid!

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