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Madrid - Final Day!

Today we did "mucho"walking!

Pat and I attended mass at the Basilica de Jesus de Medinaceli. We went to the laundry so our clothes are washed & ready to begin our walk. We visited the Royal Palace of Madrid and the Catedral de la Almudena. A bonus was the pic of Pat with his Transformer friend that we sent to our grandsons (Jax 5 & Maxie 3) who, by my daughter's account, were freaking out! Lol

We finished our day with a nice meal (my grilled veggies were pretty darn good)!

Something realized...there are quite a few "smalls" in Madrid.

*cafe solo - small coffee

*the size of our hotel room

*narrow streets

*toothpaste in our hotel room

*my ice cream

We've had a wonderful stay in Madrid. Early tomorrow we board a train for Astorga - we have the day to settle in - and begin our Camino walk on Monday!

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