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The Day After

Santiago is absolutely mesmerizing! It feels strange (and a bit of relief) to be done walking!

The Pilgrim's mass, held at the Cathedral de Santiago de Compostela, held thousands of pilgrims - a sight and feeling like no other.

The Cathedral's beauty is breathtaking.

Mass was concelebrated by no less than 20 priests. The Botafumeiro (big incense burner weighing around 118 lbs), was swung at the end of the Eucharist. The Botafumeiro uses a complex system of pulleys and

eight men (called tiraboleiros) to operate. It swings unbelievably high and quite fast.

With thousands of pilgrims attending mass, I thought it a small miracle that my friend, Pyreethi (whom I'd met, walked with, lunched with over the course of several days), spotted and hugged me on her way back from communion. I was ecstatic!

She and her husband, Christopher, and Pat & I, ate a delicious pilgrim's lunch of seafood paella & and veal lasagna. So happy to have made these friends.


After mass we were able to see St. James' tomb which is located in the Cathedral through a small door and down stairs that lead to the grave site.

As I blog, we are on a train to Porto! Pat's back is a " little" better. We are hoping to find a chiropractor in Porto (since none was available on Sunday in Santiago).

Peace and blessings from somewhere between Spain & Portugal!

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